Goodbye plug... Again.

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Today was my family baby shower at 30 weeks + 1 day!

We are so happy to make it this far with all the pre-term labor complications I’ve had. Of COURSE I’ve been losing chunks of my plug all day. Apparently it’s regenerated from when I lost it two weeks ago. It grosses me out every time, it’s such a strange sight!

Called down to L&D; just to let them know and of course the sweet nurse said if I start contracting to come in, but not to worry about the plug. Then she checked my file (which probably explained that I contract regularly) and she was like “oh... well just use your best judgment and come down if anything intensifies!”

Another super fun evening of chilling on my left side and sucking down fluids is ahead! I have this gut feeling that something is about to happen. We will see!