BFP and terrified


So my boyfriend and I have been dating 2 months and had a condom break our first night together. (I wasn't on the pill because I wasn't dating or sleeping with anyone and us sleeping together was very unplanned) I took the morning after pill with 48 hours and I found out Saturday, confirmed again this morning by a second my obvious test result, that I'm pregnant.

I did NOT want a baby right now (I have a 6 and 9 year old daughter from my previous marriage that ended 6 years ago). I definitely didn't want a baby with a man I've just started dating, although I really really care about him and do see a future together.

My family is super traditional and I am terrified to tell them (in time) that we are expecting and 1) aren't married and 2) aren't planning to get married just because there's a baby involved.

Anyone got any words of advice or something to ease my mind that's freaking out right now??