So Confused about my miscarriage


Update below

Does this make since to anyone.

Went in for an ultrasound at 11.5 weeks.

They saw two yolk sacs no fetus, no heartbeats, no fetal pole.

They say I was measuring 10 weeks. From what I could tell that measurement was taken across both the yolk sacs so I’m guessing it was an age estimate based on the size of the placenta. But if no fetuses this had to have stopped progressing before 6 weeks, right?

Had my blood drawn the next day and my HCG levels were “low” and midwife expected I’d abort soon.

Still no physical signs of a miscarriage now at 12.5 weeks. Went in for my second blood draw this morning to check if HCG is dropping but no results yet.

Now I am getting thick clear discharge. Is that a sign of the abortion starting? Still no cramps or spotting.

Is there anyway my first positive pee test at 4 weeks was wrong and I got pregnant much later?

Am I just being crazy and grasping at straws here?

Update 6/9/18

So I am “16 weeks” now though the babies haven’t been around since at least week 12.5 based on my first ultrasound, week 10 based on gestational sac size of the twins during said ultrasound or week 6 at most based on no measurable embryos at said ultrasound.

I have continued to have blood work and my HCg levels have continued to decline, as of 5/22 they were at 819. I got another abdominal ultrasound and blood work on 6/4. The ultrasound still showed the two little sacs or whatever and the gestational sac was only measuring 7 weeks. I haven’t found out what my blood test showed yet but they are checking for HCg again and looking for signs of infection.

Because I have not felt sick or had any bad physical signs we have continued to just monitor instead of doing a D&C; or using medication. I am fine waiting because I wasn’t going to start trying again for a few months but I didn’t expect it to drag out this long.

I had spotting of the mildest amount for about 1-2 weeks and for a few days, after peeing, there were some “flakes of tissue” (my best description), every now and then I have some mild to moderate cramps that last for 10sec or so but only 1-2 times a day or night maybe 1-3 times a week.

Has anyone else ever experienced anything like this?