Last year in May i got a really bad throat infection with white stuff on my tonsils, i went to the ENT and i was prescribed amoxicillin and it went away, but i could still see a bit of white after i was done with the course it started coming back, it never completely went away. A m coulple months after that i got tested for mono, it came back positive for past infection. The Dr told me i had nothing that it would go away on its own, i asked if i should get tested for stds they looked at me as if i was crazy they said it was not an std and or unless i felt like i have done something risky behavior....i said i have only been with one person.. so they never tested me.

Now its been a year and the white patches keep coming back on my tonsils.. could it be an std? I have been wanting to get tested, but the way the doctors react makes you feel super uncomfortable.

Every time it happens I can feel when its coming, because i get very very tired and feel very worn down and sleepy i feel a slight pain on my left tonsil and then i can see a bit of white on the tonsil.

Sometimes it gets as bad as this picture below. I have shown the Dr in the oast but they do not give me answers seems like they got tired of me going to checked or something. I use coconut oil when i feel it coming because i heard it helps for mono, which it seemed to help for two months idk if it could be coincidence🤔 its not as bad YET today when i noticed I already took a spoonful of coconut oil.