What would you do after you read this?

So I went to this birthday party a few weeks ago and was having fun in an awkward way. But after I go back in from playing spin the bottle everyone inside decides they wanna play. So we begin to play again and it keeps landing on me and my biggest crush. So it was supper weird. Then someone says if it lands on y’all one more time you have to make out. And of course it did and he just goes in and we just make out I front of everyone. Then we sit in the couch together and like cuddle and he pulls me on top of him and sticks his hand down my shirt. And this person say you know there is a room over there but he’s about to leave. Then he say “do you wanna go?” And of course I say yes. We get into the hallway with no door and start making out and I like drag him to where the bass are and he pushes me down and proceeds to lift my shirt and like my boobs...then one of his friends walks back there... but we don’t care we continue then he pulls down my pants and you know what happened next. So after that he found out I wasn’t a Virgin and asked me if it was true and I said yes because I didn’t want to lie. And what he said next almost made me cry. “I thought I was going to be your first” Iml it just like touched my heart. Then something happened and we haven’t talked since:(...

please help

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