ADD in adulthood

Sarah • First time mama ➡️ 11/18/19 🤰🏼💕

i was diagnosed at quite young age, and when I was a teen i decided to rebel and stop taking my medication (because i was tough and thought i could take care of myself because.. teenager..😑) and now that i am swiftly coming into my late 20s have had alot of issues dealing my my emotions and focus with pretty well everything in my life. ill cry laugh and then cry again all in a matter of minutes. some days my anxiety and depression could get so bad that i didnt know how to function properly. I work with people in a Long term care facility so this was a problem. I have recently started taking Concerta 18mg dose (methylphenidate hlc) and feel like a whole new person. it was definitely the best thing for me and my life (this is after a 2 week period) no more depression, anxious thoughts or erratic emotions. i feel like a normal human being again. Do any of you suffer with ADD or ADHD as well? How do you cope in your adult life? i feel like this isnt talked about or is just disregarded as a bullsh*t diagnosis. its definitely real and has affected pretty close to every aspect of my life. if anyone wants to talk feel free to pm me or comment on the post. Judgement free zone here ladies. much love 💕

- Sarah