new here and need some advice


a few months ago I found out I had an ovarian cyst on my right side, so they thought that they cyst was inside my ovaries I was told I would loose my right ovary and right tube i was so heartbroken I'm only 24 and I haven't even had the chance to have a baby 😢 well any who 3 months down my cyst had gotten bigger pretty massive well I was told I needed to get surgery asap , I had surgery on the 27th of April thank God that the cyst was next to my ovary and not inside they were able to save my right tube and right ovary I I have a huge scar from my belly button down to close to my private area well a month after surgery I've been recovering pretty good had to miss work for a month my size of my ovary was larger then a grapefruit , but just recently I've been thinking could the cyst have caused some type of blockage for me not to get pregnant and if the surgery will help me conceive just been over thinking any ladies got lucky getting pregnant after ? sorry for being so long