another chelsea update

Chelsea • married 💍 first baby BOY due November 2018 💙

it makes me feel bad to post about baby when so many of you have had some major downs :( my heart aches for you & know i’m not wanting to rub my progression in your faces.. i just want to keep everyone updated.

we did our NT scan Tuesday & everything looked perfect. i guess anything higher than a 3 is cause for concern but the tech was getting numbers around 1.80 so we are in the clear for any abnormalities until the anatomy scan at 20 weeks.

i’m currently 13w1d - we will be going at 15 weeks for an early gender determination and 2 weeks from today we will be doing a surprise gender reveal since we want it to be a secret for us & our friends. i don’t have any feeling as to what i’m having but i’m saying boy because there has only been 1 girl born on the bloomstadt side in the last like 70 years.. husband wants a girl. bless his sad little heart lol.

here’s baby measuring a day ahead at 12w5d

husband and to ruin this last ultrasound and say all he sees is this & now i see it too 😑😂

know i’m thinking of you who are struggling. i’m sending all of my positive vibes to you all 💕💕