Stuck In A Shit Situation..

basically I had a massive arguement with my partner last night..threw all his stuff out because he was over drinking in a neighbours with a girl he knows I can't stand and she put a picture of him and her lying up on a sofa she was kissing him on the cheek and had her hand on her chest. I went over and went mad..I had loads of phonecalls asking was I ok because people had obviously seen the picture but she said it was to get back at her ex but I'm sitting at home 19 weeks pregnant and with my other daughter while he was over there. I obviously through him out but he's back now apologizing saying he just had a blowout and that he loved me. I do love him but there are lots of other problems small ones but I'm just afraid if I take him back he will hurt me again. I known 100% nohin happened between them but it still hurts. I know if I take him back everyone will think I'm a mug but I love him so much. please help.