$400 a month after daycare??

So I’m currently a stay at home mom, but I recently thought about getting a job. Of course that would mean putting my 2yr old in daycare. Well the kind of job I really want only pays 18,000 a yr, and after paying for daycare I would only have around $400 left for the entire month. My husband makes good money, but of course he pays the bills. I wanted to start working again, but only being left with $400 for the month after childcare doesn’t seem worth it to my husband. He wants me to stay home. I’m thinking he’s right, but I wanted your opinions. Will $400 a month be worth it for you after childcare expenses? Or would you continue to just stay home?

Edit: No, there is no room for growth in that position. It is an assistant teaching job at an elementary school. The only way I could grow is by becoming a teacher, and I need a Bachelors for that. I only have an Associates degree. Also that $400 only includes the weekly pay. That doesn’t include the yearly registration, the extra food, diapers, and wipes I would have to send. That $400 is the leftover money for the least expensive daycare in our area. The other daycares are more.