Painful gassy baby 😩


My baby is now 5 weeks old we have for the most part been successful at breastfeeding at least in terms of supply. Our latch could be better but her mouth is sooo tiny. Idk if that explains the clicking she does but that happens everytime she is nursing and now with the bottle she does too. I pump everyday about 2-3 times and nurse on demand. I get about 5-6ounces eat session now . She was born 5pounds 3 ounces and at 5weeks she is now already 9pounds. Heavy wet diapers, all is well except she has horrible pain associated with gas. She farts constantly and it doesn’t smell great either. I was told by pedi to try going dairy free for 2 weeks but i read in an article that going dairy free may not be an answer if she doesn’t have bloody or mucousy stools . I honestly really want my kid to be on breast milk till atleast 6months . I desperately need advice please.