What’s wrong with me?

Things first started was muscle soreness all the time, and then I started breaking out into hives around my mouth. This stuff has been happening since last Saturday, so for like a week now.

Those two have simmered down, but recently my stomach has been hurting, I’ve been getting light headaches, a loss in appetite, feeling that I’m going to puke, nausea, fatigue, and my urine is a strange color. When I go to the bathroom it has almost a red tint to it (but no blood) and throughout the day it becomes more orange-yellow, and after I wipe every time I urinate there is a very bright yellow color on the toilet paper.

This stuff is not very normal to me, and (TMI) but I take a #2 every day and I haven’t been able to for the last few days. My friends think it’s a really bad flu, but my parents think I’m just not eating the right things or drinking enough water so they don’t want to make an appointment yet. Weird things have been happening to me for a week now and if anyone has any idea what it might be, please tell me!

Parents thought I was pregnant at first, but I took a test last week and it was negative.