fat man with boobs


i was checking fb and i saw that pic and smiled so husband asked me que tienes? it means what happens to you or what do you have so i told him a fat man with boobs and he started acting all grumpy and like if i had offended him and then i realized i have a fat man with boobs as husband lool! and finally understood why he got mad i told him i was laughing at a pic of a fat man with boobs he said oh! so u looking at my pics! i told him no! this pic! and showed him and he said i know im fat leave me alone! i tried to hug him but he didnt let me so i did like if i was sad (wich was hard cuz i was lmao) so he hugged me and told me ow dont cry i love you even tho you say im a fat man with boobs ❤ i told him aww dw i love your boobs loool