Ovarian cysts from Mirena?


Hi there ladies,

I currently have had the Mirena for 3 months (was inserted 2/20/18).

I love not having a period 90% of the time, but this past week I got it for the first time in 2 months (it was irregular before I got on the pill and was regular for the 6 years I had it).

I had a very sharp stabbing pain on my left ovary. It came out of nowhere and the pain was so bad it almost made me faint while driving. Then it continued to hurt off and on the next few days, with cramping. Woke up with contraction like cramps (as in cramping every 3-5 mins) today to find my period had arrived (38 days late). Took some ibuprofen and it stopped, but that hurt like a b*tch.

I haven’t gone in to get my checkup yet (I am graduating from grad school in 2 weeks). Anyone else have a similar experience?