what would you do

lisa • Mom of 1 girl👧, 3 boys👦🧒🧒, twin 👧🧒( born 2/4/20) and one in heaven 👼 #nosanityleft

i had to cut my long hair last year after bad hair dye job so it would grow back healthy. cut it short like pixie short and i actually liked it. it is now shoulder length and getting hot for summer so i thought cut it again grow it out over winter....except my husband is dieing for my long hair back since he loves it on me the most over short hair. told him i wanted to cut it again and he gets all sad. i want to cut it but dont also want him upset and not like it and then ill feel like he isnt attracted to me type thing but then yet again he dont live with the heat of longer summer hair so what would you do...

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