Cervical Cancer

so girls I took a trip to the gp as partner noticed some little growths down there.... turns out the growths are normal BUT when she had a look with the spectrum became concerned... I've been placed on a 2 weeks pathway to rule out cancer. my appointment with gynae is on Friday at 9.20am it's the shool holidays and I'm dreading it. going to be a long day dr said i had some white lesions and what looked like a damaged vessel. I've been ttc for 15 months now I do already have 3 children but only one with my current partner who I have been with for 4 years... what do I do AF due tomorrow dr did a pregnancy test which was negative. my head is up my arse I just need some reassurance I'm UK based so haven't even had a smear and wasn't even offered one because of GPS concern thankyou kindly