I have a date!!!!!!!!

Megan • Mommy to 1 👧🏻 and 1 👼🏼🦋 6/16 MC💔7/17 stillborn💔 PREGNANT with our miracle 🙏🏻👣👶🏻❤️

I got a text from my midwife. It’s official! I have a c section date and time!!! I’ve been stressing out about this for weeks(months!)

And now I’m so flipping happy it’s one less thing to stress about.

Back story is I suffered a stillbirth last summer. 39+5 with no cause or reason from the healthiest pregnancy I’ve ever had. I’m now pregnant and due two weeks after his birthday. My drs agreed to do a repeat c section at 38 weeks due to my IUFD. The issue was getting them to do it i the beginning of week 38. My son Hunters birthday is 7-17-17. I didnt want to be pregnant on his birthday. I didnt think I could handle going to sleep on the 16 knowing I woke up to him gone on the 17. So I got the official okay today. 7-16-18 at 7:30am.

Praying praying praying I have an alive screaming breathing baby pulled out of me! Now I can breathe a little easier and celebrate Hunters “1st birthday” in heaven with cupcakes for the whole floor. His urn will be close by my side!

My son Hunter James 🦋👼🏼

My son announcing he’s gonna be a big brother!

My daughter and step daughter with our “hunter bear”

Thanks for reading I just need to tell someone and I’m not being public on social media about this pregnancy!