I’ve never talked to anyone about this since I’m really young but my first time having sex. I got pregnant & I didn’t know until I was a month pregnant because I had missed my period. I told the father & he said kept telling me that I wasn’t pregnant, so I went & got a test. It was positive, I was kind of happy but at the same time I was really sad because I’m not ready for a baby & I knew he wasn’t either so I waited a couple of weeks before I told him. I didn’t get around to telling him until I was about to be 2 months pregnant but before I told him something felt wrong or off. I seen blood all over my bed & I rushed to the bathroom. I cleaned it all up before my mom got home because she didn’t know I was pregnant & about two weeks later I got my period so i knew i had lost my baby. I texted the father & told that I lost it & we never spoke again.