Very annoyed and a little concerned?


So I’m currently 36 weeks as of tomorrow! For the past 2-3 weeks I have had raised blood pressure and significant swelling of one foot.

I’ve been in to the maternity unit twice now with elevated blood pressure (sent in to the hospital ward by my community midwife)

The first time they said that they weren’t too concerned about it as I had no protein in my urine and my only symptoms were high blood pressure and swelling and a few visual spots on that one occasion. So on that day I was sent home without medication as they said it probably wasn’t high enough to medicate.

A week later (yesterday) I was sent in with high blood pressure once again - I went into hospital and had three very high reading of blood pressure... urine was clear and some blood work came back abnormal!

We had to wait for a doctor to come and tell us that I have pregnancy induced hypertension and am on the cusp of developing preeclampsia according to my blood work, despite the lack of Protein in my urine.

The doctor was very concerned and wanted to monitor me closely as she couldn’t understand what’s going on.. but she said basically we should be prepared to be induced early... and she said it could be as early as tomorrow (as in today)

So she sent me home lastnight and said to come back into the ward the following day to speak to her and the medical department and they will review my blood pressure and decide what is best - so we went in today as asked....

We went in and had three very high readings of blood pressure... I’m talking like 158/103! - so they told us to wait in the waiting room for the doctor to come down to speak to us, they then came and said twenty minutes later the doctor was stuck in theatre and wouldn’t be too long.... that was fine we didn’t mind waiting!

Then they came and said we could go home and come back again on Monday to do blood pressure and blood work again (which we already knew anyway as that appointment was made the day previous)

So we got no answers at all! And know no more than we did yesterday - my blood pressure is still very high right now And I feel like I’ve just been pushed to the side... they didn’t say “they weren’t concerned” and that’s why they sent us home ... it wasnt even like.. “the doctor can’t speak with you right now so come back on Monday”

I’m concerned as the doctor was genuinely worried about me yesterday and was talking about inducing me and then all of a sudden there’s no mention of it and my blood pressure is still high... they didn’t even say if we would get spoken to about induction or anything next week?

I just feel pissed off - and am worried that they are neglecting a potentially dangerous situation ? 😖