Can anyone not go into labor on your own?


So, first baby I was young and dumb and due on a holiday, was told my doctor and another doctor were going to be out of state on my due date and a stranger would have to deliver my baby, IF I COULD GET A ROOM AT THE HOSPITAL, since they’ll be short staffed and probably busy with holiday related injuries. I was basically scared into being induced. So I got induced at 39 weeks 1 day with NO signs of labor. Not dialated and not effaced. I got the little string looking thing in my vagina first, then 3 full rounds of pitocin (which now in hindsight I’m being told I should have been sent home after the first round was unsuccessful.) and 18 hours later I was only at (almost) 5cm, so they broke my water. About 5 minutes later they came in to check me and said baby was trying to coming chin first instead of crown first and would kill her and probably paralyze me so we went to emergency c section.

Fast forward 2 years and I am having baby #2, different hospital different doctors lol I learned my lesson, and at my regular doctors appointment at 41 weeks and 5 days they said the baby wasn’t doing her breathing motions like she should and HR showed she was in distress so they sent me straight to hospital for induction. NOT DIALATED NOT EFFACED. Well I got 2 rounds of pitocin and bounced on the ball and took a shower, no epidural and after 14 hours of active labor I had her completely natural (my choice).

Well fast forward 2 more years I’m 32 weeks with #3 and wondering if I’ll be able to go into labor on my own or if induction is inevitably in my future. I live an hour and a half from my hospital and have two kids, not to mention husband works out of town M-F and my mom lives 35 minutes away so I’m just trying to get a game plan lol. Anyone else had an experience like this? I want so badly to have the typical contractions, water break, bad contractions, baby is coming! Kind of birth but I just don’t think it’ll happen.