Okay ladies, be honest with me PLEASE. So my crush and I talk on a daily basis, going back and forth on who initiates the conversation and it’s really great. Often times there are hours between replies because we are both super busy people so I really don’t mind, but today I’ve just felt off and maybe he needs a break which I completely understand or maybe he’s acting weird?

Basically he texted me today, starting the convo as usual, and I responded back the way I always do. This was around 1 pm. A couple of hours had passed and I figured he was busy and thought nothing of it, then I come to see that he’s viewed my Snapchat story and still no text back. I chalk it up to maybe he was going to text back but got busy? So then more and more time passes and I figure his phone isn’t near him, right? Nope. I post something on my Snapchat once again and he is one of the first to see it, but with no text back.

Am I being paranoid for no reason? I just think it’s weird that you would text someone to start up a conversation if you didn’t want to actually talk to them...any advice would help