Pregnancy symptoms but not pregnant


First time posting so if i make a mistake or don’t reply to a comment I’m just gonna say sorry up front lol:)

In January i switched from tampons to a menstrual cup. I love it. Before that my period was every 24 days and super annoying.. post cup things normalized and went to 28 days!! My husband and i start ttc in March (i know it’s still early in our process but hang with me).

Every month for the past 8 months, so before we were ttc, i get extremely nauseous, sore boobs, tired and just general pregnancy symptoms.. then 1-2 days before my period it goes away... it was annoying before ttc but now it’s worse... this month i was so nauseous and if my daughter even grazed my boob while i was holding her i was in pain... just seems so crazy to me to have such strong pregnancy symptoms and then get my cycle...

Am i missing something? Is this normal? I did take a pregnancy test yesterday (3 days before my period) and it was negative... and today i can feel the “pregnancy symptoms” going away slightly and the ache of the start of my period... i know it can take a while to get pregnant so I’m not trying to rush that aspect just really confused by the symptoms I’m getting....

thanks :)