Period Late - Negative test

Shannon • 31 - Italian by Marriage 🇮🇹- TTC#1 since Christmas 2017 💕

I know there’s not much I can say or do at this point. But my period was due Monday night/Tuesday. It’s Wednesday and no period. Now, my period comes like CLOCKWORK. 6 months off the pill and not once have I been more than 10-12 hours late.

Yesterday (TMI) I had VERY light brown color in my CM. Only when I wiped/examined. Did not color my liner. This morning even that’s gone.

Obviously, I am very excited and nervous. I took a first response/early response today and it was negative.

Asking for prayers and stories!

UPDATE: now having very slight pink spotting. Again only when I check. Could be AF but until it’s actual bleeding I am going to stay hopeful! Definitely having some cramps too. Fingers crossed this is our month.