Annie • 🤵🏻👰🏻for 4 years, 👼🏻 at 4 weeks and 5 days and 1@4 weeks 1 day, ttc

I had a natural miscarriage in feb at 4 weeks 4 days, went to the ed, urine pregnancy was positive, hcg was 40, within 2 days dropped to 10 n officially not pregnant. Waited a cycle, April was negative, n finally 3 days ago June 3 I had a bfp on 2 tests, one digital that said pregnant and one with 2 lines (faint line). I was over the cloud excited. Called my gyn in the morning to make a appt for 8 weeks scan, within 3 hrs I felt my left nipple soreness went away and I started to bleed n passed clots. Since this happened already in feb, I knew what’s going on. Broke down and cried to my husband. He suggested we go to the ed. Went to the ed, urine pregnancy was negative, blood hcg was 5. Can I have miscarried this fast that the levels drop so fast? So now I’m confused as to if I was pregnant. Went home to recheck urine pregnant to compare to the night before and Ofcourse this one had no line at all. So now I’m sitting here, empty inside n confused. Al the nipple soreness and nausea al disappeared as I’m passing clots n bleeding still. Much darker than my usual periods