Starting a fitness journey? If you take any advice at all, please listen to this, take progress photos!

I’ve been on my journey for about 3 years now. I’ve incorporated yoga in to my routine, fell in love with hiking, cut out mindless snacking (mostly), and learned to love healthier foods. It’s been hard, especially in the last 2 years. Initially, the pounds dropped off pretty quickly, I began at 305lbs (I wish I had progress photos this early on) and I dropped down to 275 in just a few months! But since then the scale hasn’t been budging much, despite my best efforts. It’s been very discouraging to say the least, trying my damnedest to live a heathy lifestyle all the time, then stepping on the scale just to see that I’m still obese and haven’t made much progress. But today I decided to look back on some old progress photos..... this me is 2 years ago verses today, in the same exact outfit

Now to you, it may not look like much, and according to the scale it’s less than a 10lb difference, but to me, seeing these photos is exactly what I needed today! The shape of my body has changed significantly, my posture has improved, this outfit fits me so much better! And not only that, today, I move so much better, I sleep better, I’m stronger, and I’m able to do so much more! Progress is about so much more than what the scale says! Don’t let numbers define you or your achievements, they don’t tell the whole story.