What should I do ?

So me and my fiancé just got married we have a 2 year old together and we had to move into his moms house for a while we are currently waiting for our appointment to be ready but my daughter refuses to stay at her grandmas house my husbands mom she cries and even goes crazy when u tell her she’s going stay with her grandma while me and her dad are at work she even is to the point where she will wake up crying and saying no no she don’t want to go to grandmas house .. we are currently staying with his mom but my daughter will

Not go to his mom for anything she wants me or him around only idk why ??? So I been letting my mom keep her while I’m at work she loves my mom and she feels comfortable and herself at my moms house since she was raised in her house but when my mom watches her she has to stay 3 days over there because I work 12

Hour days and I can’t always take her at 5 am to my moms place my daughter is 100% fine with being at my moms she LOVES HER but I’m not understanding why my daughter is being this way with his mom

?? We would go over to her house every weekend and she would babysit a few hours here and there and she was okay but now she cries and has bad dreams about it my husband wants his mom to watch her while we work since it’s easier plus he don’t want his mom feeling bad but I want my daughter to

Feel comfortable while I’m at work why do u think this is happening??!? Idk what to do ?? Because I know my mom can’t always watch her she works as well I’m confused but I most definitely want my daughter to see my parents much as possible she adores them!! Btw his mom speaks only Spanish so my daughter don’t always understand her or she don’t always under her idk 😴😩😭 I need help