Super worried about pregnancy

I’ve been on birth control since February. I found out I’m pregnant and conception date is estimated Jan 30!! So like days before I got the IUD

This whole time every symptom I chalked up to the new BC...

Problem is, I work in a bar and drink almost every day! This whole time I’ve been drinking like I normally do! Which is a lot.. so now I’m freaking out!!! I don’t get super black out drunk but I do have a few drinks at the end of my shift and shots with my coworkers..

I don’t have insurance so I went to the health clinic and told the lady about this and all she did was tell me to stop drinking... ummm obviously now that I know! But I have to be like 4-5 months along and drinking the whole time. AND on birth control which is probably not good!

EDIT: trying to get on Medicaid but have no proof of income because I get paid cash