Traveling after baby is born

Amanda • My little man was born Jun 1, 2016

I’m 39 weeks today, and we recently learned that my grandfather has cancer. His prognosis today was 6 weeks with no treatment. I asked my doctor a few weeks ago about traveling once the baby is born and she said as long as I don’t have any complications, I should be fine to travel almost immediately provided I move my legs a lot to prevent blood clots. I had my husband ask the pediatrician at my son’s 2 year checkup yesterday about when the baby can travel (by plane) and she said 2 months! I don’t really know what to think of that. It’s only a 2 hour flight, with no layover. If we drive, it would take so much longer. It would be 15 hours without stopping, and we know we can’t do that because we’d have to stop every couple hours to move around and feed the baby and all that. I just don’t know what to do. I plan to ask the doctor again once the baby is born, but 2 months seems like a really long time. I haven’t been in a rush to have this baby, but now I feel like he needs to come sooner rather than later.