Father’s Day

I’m 24 weeks, my husband has been very supportive, this is our first baby, and for mother’s day he bought me maternity clothes. I mentioned something about getting him something for Father’s Day and he goes I’m not a dad yet.

But the thing is he is, he might not be carrying our baby boy or going through the changes that I am.

But he’s held my hair back every time I threw up, he sat next to me on the bathroom floor trying to get me to lay in bed.

He’s gone out when I needed ginger ale, Pedia lyte and crackers.

He’s dealt with my mood swings and being crazy emotional.

Everytime I’ve had a craving for ice cream, sour patch kids or salt and vinegar chips he would always offer to run out for me even tho I say no no no and than eventually ask him to run to the store.

And even when I cry because I’m gaining so much weight and hating my body. He still compliments me and tells me I’m beautiful. And that I’m pregnant not fat.

He’s been working like crazy, 12 hour shifts every day even tho he just wants to quit his job but knows he has a family to support so just works through it.

He’s going to be amazing father, he’s been an amazing husband during this rough pregnancy. And I do believe he deserves a gift for Father’s Day.