Should we not be together?


Me and My bf started dating 5 months ago about to be 6 months ago. He is a bad texter which I am trying to understand. And he works 12 hrs shift so we don't talk much when he works( he works 4 days a week, starting Friday-Monday). Recently had to remind him to text me good morning text. I'm really trying to be patient and understanding with him but we barely communicate throughout the day especially when he is off from work. I tried talking to him about it but it's the same. When I text him, he takes long hrs to text back. I kind of understand since he is bad at texting, but it does hurt. I talked to him about it but he started texting me good morning text more but that's all I get. It's very hurtful that we don't communicate with each other during the day. I feel like he still act single and totally forgets that he is in a relationship. I myself feel like I don't have a boyfriend. And I'm so frustrated that I feel like cryingggggg. We do hangout tho but not every week cuz he lives in Long Island and I live in Brooklyn. When we hang out, we do talk, laugh, but I'm frustrated to know that after we hang out we don't communicate with each other thru out the day much. And what piss me off is when he calls me he tells me he miss me and love me which is strange since he doesn't act like it. I'm tires of talking to him about my feelings, idk what to do anymore. How would you feel if your Boyfriend was treating you like that? Anyways what should I do about this situation?