So last month I told my boyfriend who is 16 (I’m 15) about me being constantly molested as an infant until I was in 6th grade by my foster father (who will now rot in a prison cell) I told him because he started to feel bad about himself like he wasn’t sexually attractive (he has been bullied his whole life about being chubby so he is very self conscious) because I don’t want to do anything Im not ready yet to do anything sexual I’m still very sensitive when the thought of someone doing the things my molester did to me and touching me the way he did only a few years ago makes me feel sick even though I know he truly loves me (we have been dating since the 8th grade) so anyway after I told him he started not wanting to hold hands with me trying to avoid kissing me when I wanted to kiss him he isn’t distant or anything he just is real awkward around me now like for example our hands brushed up against each other as we where walking and he moved away from me and looked at me really nervously like I would hate him for doing and I never before indicated that I didn’t want him touching me at all I mean he hasn’t even brung up sex (which he did often) since I told him I mean I’m glad but I just want things back to normal can someone tell me why he is acting this way?