I love her

I love her. I love her. I love her. I can’t be with her. She’s twice my age. I can’t love her. She’s my teacher and I am her student. I can’t love her. I love her but I can’t. I love her. I love her and I am straight. I love her. I love her and she can never know that. I love her eyes, her laugh, her smile, her hair, her shape, her personality. I love everything that I cannot love. I love her but I can’t. I can’t. I can never tell her how amazing she is. How will she know then. I love her. I can never tell her she is beautiful. I can never have a long conversation about nothing. I can never laugh with her over a coffee. I can never travel with her. I can’t love her. I can’t. Nobody can change the fact that I love her and my heart aches when she’s not there. I can never tell her that she’s like the half of my heart I never knew I lost. When I leave, we won’t talk anymore. She is the fire in the darkness but I will never tell her. I will love her forever, but she cannot get a hint of that. I love her. I love her. But I can’t do anything to suggest that. I know I am in love. But I shouldn’t be, I can’t be. I don’t think she loves me in that way. She can’t and shouldn’t. But when she looks at me, my problems fade away. I will never do anything about it and I cannot change these feelings. I am in love with a woman. The best woman I have ever met. In a Catholic secondary school were she is my teacher and a lot older than me. I don’t know why I love her, but I feel like everything just clicks and we click when we are together. We can talk about anything and nothing. We could sit there in silence. I love her and I can’t. I feel like I will never love another person but her. I am insanely happy with her and longing to be with her when I’m not. She is a ray of sunshine on a rainy day. I can never tell her how amazing and gorgeous and beautiful inside and outside she is. Why do we live in a world that restricts love? Because I have never heard of love like this. When I met her, I had felt like a piece of me was missing and she filled it. I can’t love her. I can’t but I do. I will never be close to her and hold her. Never. Never. Why. Why do I have to love her? Can’t I love someone... normally? I never believed in soulmates, but I think she is mine. We fit. But we cannot love each other.