The two week wait...

Alexis • Married 💍l mommy to two angels 👼🏼

Here’s a little back story on my journey to conceive:

My husband and I were dating for 4 years when we found out we were pregnant April of 2017, unfortunately when we had our first scan there was no baby. This tore us apart but we decided to continue to try, unfortunately my periods were very irregular. I finally got 3 periods in a row when BAM January 14th, 2018 I found out I was pregnant again. I got to see the baby’s heart beat at 8w5d but at 11w3d during a ultrasound they told me the baby’s heart stopped. I miscarried on March 6th using the the pill to help. A week later I ended up in the hospital due to gushing blood (literally). They told me I had completed the miscarriage. I had gotten my first period since April 12 and since then I had bled every other week.

I had just gone to the doctor on tuesday June, 5th and she told me that I was ovulating and recommended having sex. Well my husband and I just celebrated one year of marriage in June 3rd so we had that covered 😂. Now I am in the two week wait and I am honestly so scared of getting my hopes up... how do you ladies do it?