after 5 months of trying for baby number 2. five months of let downs, frustration, what if's, and feeling like maybe I wasnt meant to be a mother again, it finally happened. I know there are many of you strong ladies out there that have been trying for years and 5 months might not be as long but it sure felt like it and props to all you ladies that dont give up. there was times where I wanted to give up but i just couldn't. I tried everything this time from OPKS to preeseed and even trying the mucinex that some ladies talk about. We also welcomed a new furbaby in our family. I just wanted to share this with all you lovely ladies and tell you all DONT GIVE UP! take a deep breath tell yourself this is your month (what I would tell myself) after my week of ovulation and week before that, if that makes sense I stopped tracking everything stopped with the ovulation strips and stopped getting worked up about it. I just hoped for the best. So I want to give all you lovely ladies a bunch of baby dust. your day will come. dont give up. you deserve to be a mother as much as me or any other person out there ❤❤❤

and I also wanted to share our 5 month old baby Cami ❤🐶