If your SO cheated on you, would you wanna know some details?

I've been with my boyfriend 2 1/2 years. We both cheated twice in the first year. Oddly enough, we both agreed to move past it and forgive and forget bc we were young and the circumstances they happened.. For some reason he decided one night he needs details about the guys I cheated with and gave me details about when he cheated. He says he feels like I need to know and he needs to know too bc I see one of them a lot at my work.

With my ex husband, i had to know every thing, every time. But it fucked me up bad knowing and thinking about it over and over. I tried explaining it to him and he doesn't seem to understand all I wanna know is who and when and why. I don't need to know anything else. And neither does he bc then it's gonna be in the back of his mind and mine.. He's asking dick size and if we kissed and just odd details. 2 years and more serious feelings later, it hurts to talk about either of us cheating. I was over it to the point I see a girl he cheated with and it didn't bother me. I felt better that he chose me over staying with her. Now, I see her and wanna hurt her. And it's bc it's been brought up again.

Before you judge and say, oh once a cheater always a cheater. Or tell me to leave him. That's not the opinion I'm asking for bc we have decided to work it out and you don't know the situation. We worked through it with a lot of tears communication and some serious trust. I also know he's not cheating again, so I wanted to see if you ladies would want to know details if you stayed or if you wanted to know bare minimum like me.

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