bleeding? spotting?

good morning! just a back story- i’m 20 years old and my cycles have been regular since middle school and - pretty average 28 day cycles and my last period was on may 16th, but it was a little lighter than my usual 6 day period and less pain. anyways so this just happened and AF isn’t due for another 5 days- i went ahead and just put a panty liner on as it isn’t enough to even fill a tampon! last night i wiped a couple times and there was the first pic, this morning i wiped and those were the last three pics? usually my periods are very heavy and i have awful cramps like having to take 800mg ibuprofen for the pain😂. what do y’all think? also do you think it’s possible i got pregnant before my last period, but just didn’t have any idea i was pregnant? (asking because on april 19th on the first day of my period for that month- my SO and i had a condom break and he had already finished inside of me before we realized it broke. i didn’t think to take an emergency contraceptive at the time as i just assumed i was fine because i was on my period.) but just tell me what you ladies think! 😊