What should I do?!?!?! Depressed

Okay ladies so I recently left my cheating asshole bf. Him and I had been trying to get pregnant for about 4 months when I found out he cheated with his ex. When I found out I felt god had a plan for me all along which is why after <a href="https://glowing.com/glow-fertility-program">fertility medications</a>, HSG, countless doctors appt’s and semen analysis/egg testing I did not get pregnant 🙌🏼 I know we hadn’t been trying that long either but I do have PCOS and wanted to take the proper steps..


I know my worth and I had been 110% faithful to him! So I ended it peacefully (on my end anyway) and FINALLY moved on. Well I met a guy and he’s perfect. SO much better than my ex in every aspect I mean seriously looks, education, ambition, the way he treats me like a queen and just overall personality. We have alot in common and click very well but the thing is he doesn’t want to have a baby until he gets married which he considers in about 5-7 years. I love the fact that he wants to have that strong foundation but I personally dont want to wait anymore than 2 years max! Neither one of us are budging on when we’d like to have kids. Just last night he told me the earliest would be 3 years but more like 4. Im so stuck ladies. I miss the excitement of trying to get pregnant so much. What if it takes me years to get pregnant? Id rather start much sooner than later. Im thinking maybe i should just call it quits before i start falling hard for him because I feel it happening tbh! I just don’t want to lose a great man because my baby fever is so strong. Opinions??? What would u do???

Im 21 and he’s 24 btw..