CD11 or CD10 BBT


I started this cycle measuring my BBT in my ear, however 3 days ago I also started measuring orally too. I will continue to do both and compare at the end of the month.

My ear BBT I log on glow, and oral on fertility friend. They also both analyse things differently - the spotting I had before my af ‘flow’ isn’t counted as CD1 on fertility friend, whereas it is on glow, so I’m unsure what CD I’m actually on 🤷🏻‍♀️....

Anyway, last month I had a + opk on CD12, however they’ve all been negative so far but I’m still early on in my cycle and I’m hoping to see a blazing positive and temperature rise in the next few days.

But so far, the temperatures between ear and oral have been completely different! I’ve attached a copy of the charts below.

We are also traveling to the States this weekend, which is a good 10 hour flight, and with the time differences and body clock imbalance I’m thinking that I shouldn’t measure BBT for the whole weekend. 😕