I found out how to clean baby poop out of white clothes!!!


I just put this outfit on my baby and 5 mins later while I’m holding him the poop is all the way up his back past his diaper that was already high up his back lol....

Before it happened , just put him in the swing to take pictures, then I picked him up to hold him


Sorry for poop this is the pic I sent my dad so I didn’t take another while cleaning because I wasn’t sure I could get it out

I use this scrub cleanser with bleach stuff when cleaning bathroom and I thought to myself what can it hurt ima probably through this away anyhow lol right after I changed baby I went to clean this so I didn’t wait long

So I globbed a lot on the whole area let it soak for a sec while I started scrubbing it with a hand towel and it came off no trace... so definitely recommend!! Hope this helps someone lol