Infant CPR

🍍CrispyyJules🍍 • C Section warrior and EBF to my sweet boy 7/11/18 💙

Ok ladies, who knows infant CPR? I sure don't. I was inspired to take a course by a friend who's baby was choking and thanks to the class she took she was able to save her babies life. I thought to myself, omg? what if that were me? I need to take a class asap!! I started looking around online and realized classes were so expensive and didn't work with my husband's work schedule. I stumbled across and their anytime infant CPR kit. It doesn't certify you, but gives you knowledge to save your babies life. It's an infant blow up dummy and DVD, that allows you to learn on your own time at home! and you can let grandparents or family members borrow and learn too. It's $40 plus s&h;, I highly recommend it. Never know when you need to use it. This is not an ad, I'm not getting anything out of this, just wanted to share this info with all you mommies!!