Did I cheat??

Basically me and my bf have been together for 9 months and before I met him I kind of went through a hoe period for a month and I would sext a few guys (strangers who I’ve never met) and after I met my bf I stopped this. Me and my bf never sext and I’ve been feeling kind of under-appreciated by him and then last night one of the guys that I used to talk to messaged me randomly. He was horny and wanted me to send pics and I kept saying no I have a bf but he kept asking (I was really horny too😔) and he asked me to send a pic of my face which i did and then he sent me dick pics which didn’t turn me on but he kept asking to see my boobs so I sent a pic of my cleavage. He kept asking to see more but I kept saying no and that was it. Does this make me really bad?? I don’t feel that guilty bc it was meaningless to me and I was just a bit bored but idk. Do you think I should tell my bf or not.

Here are some screenshots: