Spotting and feeling worried


I’m 11w along. And my last check up 2 weeks ago. At that time an ultrasound was done and my baby was 9w 5days. Baby measured 5 days ahead and heart beat was present and all was well until recently... I hope!

After finally getting over my cold and morning sickness subsiding. I was excited and motived to workout (30 minutes elliptical) then we took my daughter to an indoor playground to play.

When we arrived home I had to pee and saw that I had spotted red and filled a panty liner then nothing since then. This is the second time I spotted, last week when I wiped it was brown.

I keep in contact with my nurses and they keep telling me it normal. I’ve been taking it super easy, I been having morning sickness and had a cold all last week so I been on a lot of bed rest.

It makes me worry. Before I had my daughter, I had a miscarriage. I can’t help be flooded with emotions.

My husband and I had planned to announce the pregnancy on Father’s Day to our parents. Now I’m nervous to even do that. 😔

Any one else have similar experiences with spotting during pregnancy?