Maybe this is sappy but I don’t care

M. 🌻 • PCOS & Pregnant with our rainbow 🌈❣️🌻

Honestly, call me dramatic but when I heard the words “PCOS” come out of my doctors mouth and I was only 20 I thought it was the end, I hurt for a while after hearing this.

I was the one out of all my friends that wanted the settled down life early. I had already found the man of my dreams, and we both wanted to be done having kids by 23 (I know we’re nuts).

So this was a shock for us and it hurt, I started all these meds that made me feel like shit and I had to change a lot about my life to adapt to this but here I am now.

After 3 losses, I cannot be more thankful for this little bug. We aren’t out of the clear yet but this is so promising I can’t help but be excited.

7 weeks tomorrow with a heartbeat of 136 ❣️