No Af Today. Praying this will be it for us

long post) Me and my husband have been TTC for a year and a half now. and its been a year and a half full of disappointments, heartbreaks, and bfns. every month we pray and pray and pray. I've never ever wanted kids. EVER. but when I got with my husband that changed!! ..and I know its not gonna happen just like that, or at the snap of my fingers, and its gonna take time. but sometimes let's be real here. it can be hard seeing all these bfp and all you're getting is bfn. .....its so heartbreaking having to look my husband in the eye and tell him that my period came. or that the pregnancy was negative. ...and honestly I think that most of the reason that makes it so hard and heartbreaking. yes it hurts like hell to see that AF has showed up, or I didn't get my bfp. but it hurt even more to have to tell him and see the hurt and heartbreak in his eyes. I mean really. the other night me and my husband got into an argument. it was really stupid . but we talked it out. and he looked at me throughout us talking it out and said these exact words "babygirl I think the reason I've been getting so stressed out and mad so easily here lately is BC all I want and pray for is a baby. to be able to look you in the eye and tell you I love you everyday for the rest of my life and a baby. and its so frustrating and heartbreaking not getting that even after doing everything we can.".....and I know I'm just rambling on and I'm sorry for that....but my period was due today. and it didn't show. and I haven't had any signs at all. like usually my boobs get sore and tinder. a couple days to a week before AF shows. and I get really really watery cm a couple days to a week before AF but I have none of that. ...I know it could just be late but I am praying so hard that this is our month. and I'm asking any and everyone willing to pray that this is our month. and if its not to give us the streanth to wait until it is.