Working Out and TTC?


Hello ladies!

Hubby and I are trying for baby #1. I went off BC about 6 months ago and while my system adjusts, we haven’t been trying but we haven’t been preventing either. This month we decided to give it a go! 😂😂

I do a dance class 2x a week called ReFit. It’s comparable to Zumba but a little less intense. There’s a lot of jumping, squats etc. A lady in the class tonight made a comment along the lines of “you will never have a baby if you keep jumping around like that”. 🙄🙄

Let me also say, hubby and I have been married for 2 years and no one really knows that we have decided to make a baby! The lady that said this is the definition of “church basement lady”.

I know that there are THOUSANDS of women that workout while TTC and pregnant. I’m not physically fit by any means but I try to take care of myself. I also do a sand volleyball league on Wednesday’s. Hubby and I also go for 2-3 mile walks almost every night.

Does what she say have any merit?