This has been bothering me so much lately

It’s normal for people to get sexually harassed. Even for me, as a 15 year old girl, I’m so used to it, even by older men. The guys at my school are complete assholes. Almost every single one. Talking about girls so badly, sexualizing them, sending out pictures they sent, and spreading rumors about them. And then I listen to music and there’s lyrics saying “if I bust in yo gut bitch eat this pill” “got your bitch sucking dick on the gram” “I just fucked 3 hoes I met this week” fuck this bitch fuck that bitch and so much more. Music is definitely influencing boys to think it’s okay to talk to and about girls in such horrible ways. It’s so disrespect I wish I could show you guys. I like this music but they can tone it tf down. Boys aren’t even taught what sexual harassment is. Guys at my school will literally grab my ass. Weird men will ask for a kiss and refuse to believe I’m 15. Its so awful. I think that why boys think it’s okay to do the awful things they do is because of how rappers talk about girls. It’s so disgusting. I’m not a prude, I just am so tired of the disrespect from men and boys towards women. I had a time when a grown man told me I probably had a good pussy, my friends dad was right there and yelled at him. He then replied “I bet she want my dick tho”. My point is, boys need to be taught from a young age what is not okay to do and say, and music is making it so much worse by influencing them to think its okay.