Body Image 💔

Idk if you guys know those dumb anonymous message apps (saraha to be exact)... I posted the link on my personal snap chat just to see what my "friends" we're too scared to say to my face. I got one comment in particular that really hurt when another person said "None of my friends need you as a friend. In fact, no one needs you as a friend. You're getting fat and its disgusting, all your doing is hurting your image." I know this person meant to hurt me. I have a really bad history of body image issues and eating disorders... Keep in mind I'm an anorexic 14 year old that weights 100 pounds and is 30 pounds underweight... Im really struggling with this as I don't know if it's true. All my friends try to get these comments out of my head but all I believe is the negative comments. I know this probably isn't normal... I don't really know what I'm asking for here... I guess I just needed to rant. I'm sorry for wasting your time! 💔