not feeling ready for my baby

I’m 5 months pregnant right now and I just don’t feel ready. I’m engaged and have my own house, supportive family for the most part and my fiancé’s family is very supportive too. I was so excited but now I’m so incredibly stressed out. me and my fiancé kind of fight a lot lately. it’s my hormones I think that make me feel so stressed and start fight over small things.

My sister has made this experience miserable for me. she told my dad in the beginning which made it hard to talk about it. she told her social media I was pregnant way before I even told everyone. I haven’t even told anyone personally other than my mom and my mom told my sister and everyone else has heard by her and I’m guessing my parents. The difference between my parents telling people is that they’re happy for me. my sister is talking shit about me. Saying my kid will get taken away and I will live on welfare. I’m hoping to not live with welfare but the way I’ve been thinking about it is if it comes to that, I’ll do it if it will help take care of my baby.

My sister is now threatening to call cps on me and get my child taken away if I don’t get rid of my dog. He’s a sweet dog, a lab. the only reason she wants me to get rid of him is because he’s big. I wouldn’t have him if I thought he would hurt my baby.

all this stress is making me think I don’t deserve my baby. it’s mostly my sister. I feel like I’m forced to have her in my life because she is struggling with her mental health so if I don’t then I’m evil...

she is really making me feel like I can’t do this and I should just give up or she will make me fail by getting my kid taken away. im so scared she will do that. I’ve done so much in my pregnancy to be healthy and make sure my baby is healthy. I quit smoking and drinking and i gained 11 pounds when I was very unhealthy. I know it’s not okay to worry all the time but I’ve been trying so hard to make sure he’s okay and now I feel like it’s pointless because my sister will find a way to get him taken from me. I’m so stressed but if I say anything it will only make it worse. I don’t know how I’m supposed to do this.