Clear my mind, need advice or understanding

Sonya • *~•°Sony°*~•°

so being 30 weeks and I have gestinal diebietes. I just don't understand what is completely wrong or am I doing it all wrong. my sugar is usually betwo 103-120 depending on what i eat. I am label high risk bc of my blood pressure. I had the appointment today and they want me to not have soda and fast-food for a week. ( I nearly eat fast food and I just switch to Pepsi Max) I only have one can a day and normally drink water the rest of the day...not even tea. I haven't smoked since 3 weeks ago and all this started when I stopped smoking. I want to go to CBD oils but I've been waiting to hear if anyone that has gestinal diebietes use CBD oils to help control sugar or not.

can anyone help me understand or give me advice??