Needing advise, or maybe just encouraging words!


So first I will start off with a little back history! My husband and I have been together for 21 years, we got married 10 years ago this September. He is 8 years older than me!

Prior to getting married we were not trying to get pregnant but weren’t doing anything to stop it either.

December 1 after our wedding in September we found out that we’re were pregnant. So we started our family late in life! We had our little boy in July of 2009! He will be 9 in July! Love him with all if our hearts he is our world!

Again we have not been trying to get pregnant.......ok he has not been trying I have been wanting another baby for a long time! We also have not done anything to stop it either! No birth control, no playing it safe!

Fast forward to today! I am 4 days late!! But I have been under a lot of stress! I just lost my baby brother unexpectedly last week and had to bury him yesterday! I really want to test but I am so afraid that it is just stress that is keeping Aunt Flo away! I don’t want the disappointment of a big fat negative test! But I also would like to know if this could be a baby! Please be nice! Like I said I have been in an emotional roller coaster for the last week!

So tell me what you would do?

Here is a pic of me and my sweet baby boy! Just for more attention! 🤣😉

Thanks again in advance for your words.